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Getting Started: Tap the plus icon to open an image. Then use the shape icon to choose a frame shape, the crop icon to scale and position the frame, and the rainbow icon to select a background color and the frame color and width. Finally use the arrow icon to save and/or share your framed image.

Tap the plus icon at any time to open an image from your photo library, shoot a new photo with the camera, or create a new, empty image.

New images are created at twice the display resolution, using the current crop aspect ratio and filled with the current background color. If there isn't an active aspect ratio, a square image is created. Note that you can save or share at a higher (or lower) resolution and the frame will be re-created, not just scaled.

You can zoom and pan the image with pinch and drag gestures, and double tap to unzoom. (The unzoomed image will always be displayed when cropping or changing the frame width.)

To change the shape of the frame, tap the shape icon, and then scroll through the supported shapes and make a selection.

If you select the Text shape, you will also choose a font and enter the text for the frame. Bolder fonts make better frames, as more of the image is visible inside the characters. For a neon sign effect, try an ultra light font.

Tap the crop icon to crop the image. You can resize the crop rectangle by dragging any of the square handles that appear, or move it by dragging the middle of the rectangle.

Press the Reset button to restore the original uncropped image. Use the buttons on the right to select a landscape or portrait aspect ratio to constrain the crop rectangle.

When an aspect ratio constraint has been activated, the corresponding button will turn green and the aspect ratio will be displayed. Tap the green button to deactivate it.

The crop will be applied when you exit crop mode by pressing the shape or color icon, or when you save or share the image.

Note that the aspect ratio is applied to the framed image, and unless the aspect ratio is square, the crop rectangle will have a different aspect ratio. That is why part of the original image may be cropped out when you choose the Original aspect ratio. Also, changing the frame width will change the aspect ratio of the framed image, so if the aspect ratio of the final framed image is important, your final step should be sizing and positioning the crop.

Tap the rainbow icon to change the background color and the color and width of the frame.

Tap the icon on the left to toggle between a black, white, and transparent background. Use the center slider to change the frame color, and the slider on the right to control the frame width.

Tap this arrow icon at any time to save or share the current image or to open it another app. Options include Air Drop, Message, Mail, uploading to Facebook or Twitter, sending to another app such as Instagram, and copying to the clipboard. Images are saved and shared according to your resolution settings. When saving, a new copy of the image is always created (in the iPhone's camera roll or the iPod's saved photos), leaving your original image unchanged and allowing you to easily save multiple versions of the same image.

Note that if you use a transparent background, or if your original image has transparency, then when you save or share your framed photo, PNG format will be used to preserve that transparency. Also note that PNG files are larger than JPEG files.

In Settings mode, you can view these instructions and also specify personal preferences related to saving images.

Save, Share, and Open In Resolution: These settings determine the resolution of your saved and shared images. You can specify that High, Medium, or Low resolution is always used, or you can choose to be asked about resolution each time you save or share an image. In that case, when you are asked, you will have the additional option of specifying a custom resolution, which may be higher or lower than the original image resolution (you can scale down or up, to a maximum of 6000 x 6000).

If you want to maintain your original image resolution, choose High. This will preserve the full resolution image, which is your original image, unscaled, minus any area that you cropped out, plus the frame (so the final image may be larger or smaller than the original). Higher resolution images take longer to save, longer to email, longer to upload, and use more space on your device, so don't save or share more than you need. Medium resolution is half the full resolution, and Low resolution is 640 x 640 or less, depending on the aspect ratio of your image. When sharing and opening in other apps, note that the service or app that you choose may also scale your image to conform to its resolution requirements.

When AutoSave New Photo is on, the uncropped, unframed version of photos that you shoot in NeonFrames will be automatically saved.

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